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To the Parents, Friends and Family of BCA students:

We begin another year of offering Fundability as a means for you to reduce your tuition expense and raise money for BCA.  If you're interested, please read on.

The Fundability program is voluntary. By purchasing gift certificates, which you will use at the retailer of your choice, a percentage of your purchase amount is donated back to BCA by the retailer. If you purchase $100 in gift certificates, you redeem $100 in certificates. The percentage donated by the retailers vary from 2% to a high of 25%. One half of the amount donated by the retailer will be returned to you in the form of a tuition credit and the other half donated by the retailer will be available to BCA!
It's a win-win fundraising program for all involved.

Q:    This sounds exciting, how do I get started?
A:    You have two means to obtain certificates:    1. Using the attached order form, look in the PRODUCT section to identify the retailer(s) and denomination of certificates available for purchase. The denomination of the certificate is shown next to the retailers name and can't be changed. Mark the quantity of certificates and indicate the total amount you'll be spending. Fill in the section with your name and show the grade and student's name you'd like the certificates sent home with.
2. The second means to get certificates is even easier. Walk up service is offered from 7:30am to 7:45am at school for on the spot purchases of certificates for the more popular retailers. We usually have grocery certificates readily available.

Q:    If I'm ordering certificates ahead of time, when do I need to have my order form completed?
A:    You should send your completed form along with a check to school by Friday. Your order will be filled the same day with any certificates on hand, and sent home with your student that same day. Any certificates not on hand will be ordered and come home with your student the following Wednesday.

Q:    When will I know how much I'll earn in tuition credit?
A:    Meticulous records are maintained of your purchases throughout the year and the amount donated by the retailer back to BCA. You'll earn half the amount donated by the retailer as tuition credit. You will receive a statement of account in April showing the total of your purchases and the amount of tuition credit you've earned. Minimum tuition credit processed will be $10.

Q:    What if I've paid my tuition in full and don't want a tuition credit?
A:    You have several options. You still earn half the amount donated by the retailer as a credit which can be used to purchase additional certificates, donated to another BCA family, or donated to BCA.

 Last Updated on 09/05/2012

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